F1 ‘view’ like no other

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We could’ve seen the miniature cameras in Indycar racing and ever wondered why they have never made into F1? Of course the technology is a step-ahead but it doesn’t provide everything a driver sees from his cockpit as the view angle has its own restrictions. But we only have the tiny cameras fixed at different places in a F1 car which enhances good view.

Lucas di Grassi tested for Pirelli last October with an on-helmet and on-visor GoPro camera which brought the spectacle right into our living rooms but later he admitted he mastered the car almost with his eyes closed (on-visor cam). Well, in the current scenario, some drivers finding it hard to race with even both eyes opened if you know what I’m saying.

Many tried to bring the perspective to a new level.  Even DC drove with a helmet-cam at Interlagos 2008 but he crashed unfortunately within few meters in his last race.

Panaromic 360-degree photos are not something new and there are apps available for it in Android or IOS to make it by yourself. But now a Norwegian company called Making View stepped into the scene with its new creation, ViewCam 360. They are producer of remote controlled camera systems for aircraft.  As a result, the new innovation can offer exclusive view points in all 360-degrees from a fixed point.

They decided to demonstrate it in motor racing through Red Bull Racing on Norway’s oldest circuit, Rudskogen Motorsenter. Red Bull has recently launched a 360-degree fully interactive on-board video. Sebastian Buemi, who celebrated his born day yesterday, was at the wheel, driving full speed of over 200 mph during  the reopening of the revamped track.

The camera view can be adjusted in real-time through keyboard functions and tilted to watch the tarmac passing by or the sky or the armco guardrails or even to get a closer view of the cockpit, rear end sliding, suspension travel and many more. For live streams though, the bandwidth has to be higher and if this technology makes its way into race days we can live the two hours from our favourite drivers’ cockpit and it’d be worth spending every penny to broadcasters. Imagine the 360-cam when drivers battle it out for a qualifying berth or fighting for world title or a crucial pitstop or when Maldonado crash – it’d be surreal.

Here is the link guys enjoy!



One thought on “F1 ‘view’ like no other

  1. I did not realize they were using this technology….been too busy to read my favorite blog…had I read this I would have known. Now I will have to see the action!

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