F1 – Perplexed as Always


As we head closer into the next season, the choice of driver allocation from sharp to bottom end of the grid is falling into the picture. The progress of drivers throughout the year may hint whether he will stay in his current garage or move on to the gigantic or diminutive motorhome. With that said, that’s not the case all the time as many world champions slumped down the order with teams they had hoped that would do well before the F1 drama embarks. In the current state of affairs, money from the drivers also push the development steps of the teams.

The “pay driver” they call, whose sponsors spend Benjamins to let them drive and to keep a team running normally. It was lastly held by Maldonado – heavily backed up by Venezuelan state oil company. Luckily though he substantiated by beating all odds at Spanish GP. But now he faces the wrong side and I can’t help myself wondering who is he going to mess up with next. Over the years teams were changing drivers for the sake of their thirsty share holders and also aiding intrinsic needs. This puts the vulnerable teams go frantic as drivers get dispossess by their reserve mates: HRT raced with four drivers in 2010.

There was no big shake up in the order with the established teams last year and much was anticipated on Ferrari and Redbull come the next foray. Contrary to that, Redbull became the first team to herald its driver line-up when Mark Webber signed his extension for another year off the back of  Silverstone win. The Stevenage speedster Lewis Hamilton gets highly paid in Mclaren which might change as his contract runs out at the end of this season. Hence the fortunes of a team switch over could be a yes if the teams’ dreary form of late continue.

Luca can think wise so Lewis won’t have a space in there, of the front-runners only Lotus and Mercedes can hole up the Briton. Ross Brawn has a negotiation to make if Schumacher will leave at the end of the year and he said he is looking no further until  Michael makes his career-decision but the sports’ successful man is having the best time of his return and nobody wants to see him leaving the paddock so soon. Brawn might even go for an young talent like Mercedes protege Resta or Hulkenberg. Having the credentials to win, Lotus team are establishing themselves quite well and driver change could hardly exist there.

Then down to Ferrari with Felipe under boiling point, doing a pretty good comeback after having stood fourth at Silverstone. Alonso being the staple man, Ferrari’s hope of Constructors’ title has Massa to play a vital role and only if they could win it Felipe would see a future with Maranello. Rosberg and Perez are favourable men to replace the Brazilian driver. Toro Rosso, Marussia and HRT never know what’s about to unravel to them.

Jean-Eric Vergne’s debut season has not yet gone as the way he thought and he has become a regular suspect to drop out of Q1. Daniel Ricciardo may sometime find his spot at Redbull but now the only thing he could do is to finish the race. There might be some driver change even before the season’s end for these downrated teams.

Yet, though, these are just a few predictions!!!


6 thoughts on “F1 – Perplexed as Always

  1. That’s the whole idea of F1 – to mess up with unsuspecting fans, it’s pretty normal. Expect some kind of shock in the near future, like Villeneuve-Renault-Sauber thing back in 2004. Drivers come and go, always been this way, will always be.

  2. It seems in all forms of motorsports money talks and drivers without walk. It is a shame that some drivers with more skill then money are left without rides, while the mediocre driver that brings sponsorship and money gets the seat. It is a shame Formula One has become like other sports in this way.

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