Webber seals Redbull contract for 2013

Speculations were on the horizon when Vettel proved his dominance over Webber in the last season that the Australian would put an end to his racing career. It was down to the tyres largely playing a major factor as Webber topped the leader board only once at Inter Lagos ending the season runner up with big bridge of points gap dividing him and Vettel.

From the very beginning of 2012, Webber has Vettel’s number and regularly outpacing him in many occasions. In that time, he had four fourth place finishes and consistently delivering good results. After becoming the first Redbull driver to have won twice at Monaco, his late blast at Silverstone came with another blessing as he signed the Redbull contract for 2013.

Mark has so far been on a rolling contract and with this announcement he pairs with his long time team-mate Sebastian Vettel whose contract runs till 2014. He had been on year-by-year contractual relation with Redbull racing and having been linked up with Ferrari move for 2013 he opted to stay put in the team what he calls as family.

He broke his victory duck in 2009 when he won at Nurburgring which was a longtime coming. Wearing Redbull outfit he took all his career wins and all but one podium so he played loyal game by extending his contract. Hopeful of no favouritism against him on his bit for 2012 title Mark suffered the same issue when he was leading the championship in 2010.

With his driving future been resolved Mark has his eyes glued on closing further on Fernando Alonso who leads the Australian by thirteen points. It’s going to be a tough battle raging if he fancy his chances to be a world champion.


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