Renaissance of Speed

The new season of Volkswagen Polo R Cup got underway in my hometown of Coimbatore this past week with the cup car that has never been so fast in its previous seasons. Contrary to its sluggish diesel motor, to the delight of spectators flocked around and the drivers, the newly instated Petrol engine rewrites the history of emerging Indian motorsport.

The revised livery  grabs attention so easily and on the fore no bonnet scoops to harness the air in. As we go under, the tiny twin charger engine masterpiece leaps up the power churning out from 130hp to an audacious league of 180hp. Despite the TSI powered Petrol engine has same torque figures as of the old one its low torque dismal would be chucked out.

The high hopes of scrambling to top level tin-top racing for any Indian driver has the seeds sown in this very series so it emphasis technology driven racing which VW strives to bringing in to Indian grounds. The fact of the matter is, sponsors arrive at less in number as the sport is yet growing in this part of the world. Good on VW as the move was sooner than expected.

The revived Polo boasts with ABS, Limited slip diff, Traction control and the whole new 1.4 L unit mated to a DSG gearbox with paddle shifters opted instead of  the ground sticky lever. Cost reduction measures are of high significance as the inline engine could be used directly out of production lines. The safety level of these touring cars are complemented with HANS and tubular steel roll cage are carried over from the predecessor.

Delving deep the fresh ECU, inlet, exhaust and engine mounts aiming at nothing but speed and subsequently the aftermath of make over charges drivers with 14lakh rupees per season as opposed to 5lakhs for 6 race weekends last year. With the new guise the car portrays itself as a sturdy looking street racer.

Assertive of making a step further, drivers can make the most out of  it as Sailesh Bolisetti having graduated from here is putting on some good show in British GT.  Having missed the season opener I can’t afford to miss the next race due for this month end and  race reporting is all that I love to do at least to get some cheer ups for the one of a kind spectacle on my nearest track.


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