Maria de Villota making progress and out of Intensive Care

Natalie Pinkham of SkysportsF1 confirmed on her twitter that Maria de Villota is making progress and she had talked to her family.

Pinkham said on Twitter: “Amazing news! Maria De Villota is awake and talking to her family and friends”.

After the stressful weekend of BritishGP, Marussia’s Team principal John Booth has told media that Maria is on the positive side of recovery.

Team principal John Booth quipped: “”It has been a tough weekend for everyone in the team, but we can be pleased with the job we have done here at Silverstone and also encouraged by the positive signs we are seeing with Maria.” 

Charlie Whiting, the FIA Race Director and safety delegate described the event as so unfortunate and FIA are working full-fledged to improve the best safety standards on offer in F1.  He said, “It was so incredibly unfortunate,”

“I think that if Felipe (Massa)’s accident (in 2009) was one in a million, then Maria’s was one in five million,” Briton Whiting added.

“The circumstances were just so unique that it was just incredible bad luck,” he said.

“With the kind of protection we are studying, an accident like that would be unlikely, but also the chances of repeating these same circumstances are so remote,” he said.

“We’re looking more at the case of an impact with a wheel, because this can happen several times in a year. Maria’s circumstances may never occur again,” added Whiting.

“We can only do it as fast as we can, because it’s a very complicated matter.

“In Maria’s case, yes it (head protection) would have worked, but perhaps in many other cases the problems would be worse, like extraction or visibility.

“We have to make sure we aren’t making something better for one type of accident but worse for three more.”

As on Friday, she has undergone operations and she has gone to Serious yet stable condition. Marussia said,

  “a planned procedure that would depend upon the continued stability of Maria’s head injuries, and this morning the medical team were sufficiently happy with her progress to allow the operation to go ahead.”

Her sister, Isabel de Villota, has thanked both F1 fans and drivers for their response, saying “We remain positive and this is due, in no small part, to the overwhelming expression of love for Maria from every corner of the world.”

Before the race Sunday race Booth said: “We have great news about Maria. We’ve been hearing good things every day, and now the level of her medication has been reduced and she is talking with her family”.

“Her level of sedation has been reduced markedly” he told a Spanish broadcaster.

De Villota’s sister Isabel is quoted by the Spanish media as saying the 32-year-old has “made good progress in the last hours” and has “left the ICU unit”.

But she warned: “The coming days will be crucial for her recovery and to determine the extent of the consequences (of her injuries).”

Maria has been receiving thoughts and supports all around from F1 to his fellow countrymen from other sports including Rafael Nadal. Wishing her a speedy recovery !!!!


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