The Brit Force – Mclaren

An extraordinary month for British Motoring as Goodwood Festival of Speed was attended by a record crowd with more and more sporting heroes paying their attention to the idiosyncrasies event. With that memory still be lasting, it’s turn towards Silverstone, pulling the brakes on for British GP.

To the elation of fans, Lewis Hamilton will be carrying the Olympic torch on Monday but yet unsure of the destination from; it will probably be some place shrouding Silverstone. Winning the home Grand Prix feels more emotional than winning anywhere else for any driver with the crowd coming alive to support their home grown man through every corner.

Lewis Hamilton tasted the champagne as early as in his second home race, a wet race that any racing fan would regret to forget. As the weekend shapes up, Mclaren will be striving to find the lost three tenths to Redbull. At Valencia and since Bahrain, Redbull usurped Mclaren as the team to beat on qualifying and demonstrated their quickness on the track.

Mclaren plays it down to the lack of updates in Valencia but in Silverstone there are more to come to tame the monster. For Lewis and Co. , the crowd is the source of inspiration and a victory alongside will put him right back on title race after the dismal race in Valencia. A moment of profound glory awaits for Hamilton in his home turf.

Switch over to another Briton, Jenson Button, who despite trying out so hard failed to grace the podium in twelve attempts. When Alonso maneuvered through the field in Valencia, the grandstands rumbled with showing their love for the Spaniard. For the passionate crowd in Britain, Button can expect the same ovation he received in all points of his career.

He had his own share of bad luck as he spun off, lost his wheels and even had oil leakage during races in Britain. He finished his career best of fourth at Silverstone in two occasions but never had his best day yet. Jenson has a big fan-base in UK and he admitted that he would go emotional and feel proud of that ‘top step’ moment which eluded him for so long and it’d make him more satisfied than being World Champion of 2009.

Last week Jenson and Lewis were involved in a PR event portrayed as ‘London GP’ for their sponsorship firm Santander. The CGI video was so good so that even Bernie agreed with the idea of the event, with fans buzzing all around about the event’s reality. Though it will be great to have such race exist, it is highly unlikely.


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