European GP – Bet on who?

It was the closest qualifying session that occurred on the winding port side track. The nature of this year’s openness predicts that it is not over until the chequered flag. For instance, it was Lewis Hamilton who triumphed in Canada despite the poleman Vettel sprinted away in the opening stages.

But in Monaco, it was pretty straightforward to see Mark Webber winning his second race of Monaco albeit rain threatened to arrive at times. The hotter gulf region of Bahrain heralded the coming of Lotus as they were quickest and more adapted to the prevailed conditions.

The streets around the harbour has the only swing bridge in whole of F1 but it does too little to help the fact that the circuit makes drivers frustrate to drive. With this being third street circuit in a row, it has less common factors with Monaco but the straight line speeds are comparable to Canada.

As of now, we know Lotus has the formidable pace and their drivers are kind enough on the tyres. Redbull takes the game to another level as Vettel has to fend off Lewis along with the Lotuses to gain as much lead before the pitlane gets busy.

Ferrari’s couldn’t make the cut into Q2, perhaps bewildered by the lack of pace when it mattered. The strong display of performance in race could get them as high up in the order as fifth or sixth I reckon. Equally determined Force India could pull out some surprises this afternoon.

Mixed day for Mercedes in qualifying, rear tyre wear might worry their race progression. Kobayashi is renowned for great overtaking maneuvers, lining up on fourth row is a big bonus. As Sergio starts at P15 just as same as Canada, it would be interesting to see him run through the field.

Pastor Maldonado is looking to rekindle his form in Spain and could challenge for his second career win. Personally if there could be an eighth winner it should go for one of the Lotuses. Since diving down the inside is a tricky job, only DRS comes to drivers’ hope for overtaking. The potential drivers for podium are from the first three rows on the grid I suppose.

Who do you bet on then? ? ?


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