Neal Wins Tumultuous R1

Jason Plato had high hopes of winning the race one and many suggested that he would dominate from pole. But his chances were derailed after a component failure on his way to the grid. Matt Neal would’ve been the happiest man envisaging victory number three overall after seeing the pole man’s MG6 being pushed off from the grid.

Robert Collard had had the reputation for being the best starter off the grid. As said, he went into the lead ahead of Matt Neal’s Civic into the first corner and led through the opening laps before Neal making ground on his big Honda to get through him at the Lodge corner and clung on to it till the finish.

Andrew Jordan, in the other Honda Civic, got past Collard at the Island Bend hairpin and had put pressure on the leader but stuck to second at the end. It could’ve been a 3-4 for Collard’s team but Tom Onslow-Cole span out of the race at Cascades bringing out the safety car period.

Gordan Shedden finished in fourth to lead the championship from Jason Plato ahead of a brilliant driving from Mat Jackson in his Redstone Racing Ford Focus car. Having started in 10th he managed to surge through the field to attain fifth. Driving the Proton Persona, Daniel Welsch finished 6th on what was his career-best result ahead of the sole surviving KX Momentum Racing MG6 of Andy Neate.

The debutant Will Bratt impressed by finishing on 8th from 14th position ahead of Nick Foster and Lea Wood driving a Vauxhall Vectra. Foster was involved in two collisions which resulted in the retirements of Aron Smith and Adam Morgan. Dave Newsham and Jeff Smith had brake failure and damage to the engine to end their respective races. Frank Wrathall had an overheat problem which forced him to make an extra stop to finish in p12.

Chris James on the final lap suffered brake failure and tangled with Tony Hughes’s Speedworks Toyota and crashed heavily into the barriers.Luckily James was unhurt in the incident.

Race 1/

P/ No/ CL/ Driver/ Car/ Laps/ Gap/ Best/
1 1 Matt Neal Honda Civic 17 1m28.327s
2 77 I Andrew Jordan Honda Civic 17 +0.242s 1m28.207s
3 8 I Robert Collard BMW 320si E90 17 +2.609s 1m28.837s
4 52 Gordon Shedden Honda Civic 17 +7.104s 1m28.531s
5 4 I Mat Jackson Ford Focus 17 +9.341s 1m28.519s
6 12 I Daniel Welch Proton Persona 17 +9.832s 1m28.741s
7 44 Andy Neate MG6 17 +12.556s 1m29.343s
8 14 I Will Bratt Audi A4 17 +17.044s 1m29.455s
9 18 I Nick Foster BMW 320si E90 17 +18.054s 1m28.965s
10 43 I Lea Wood Vauxhall Vectra 17 +19.615s 1m29.724s
11 48 I Ollie Jackson VW Golf MK5 17 +28.242s 1m30.215s
12 11 I Frank Wrathall Toyota Avensis 17 +50.773s 1m28.441s
13 50 I Tony Hughes Toyota Avensis 17 +59.738s 1m30.551s
14 33 I Adam Morgan Toyota Avensis 16 +1 lap 1m29.464s
15 78 I Chris James Vauxhall Vectra 16 +1 lap 1m30.673s
16 5 I Aron Smith Ford Focus 14 +3 laps 1m28.638s
17 38 I Tom Onslow-Cole BMW 320si E90 14 +3 laps 1m28.339s
18 6 I Liam Griffin Ford Focus 9 +8 laps 1m29.305s
19 17 I Dave Newsham Vauxhall Vectra 7 +10 laps 1m29.198s
20 55 I Jeff Smith Honda Civic 7 +10 laps 1m28.616s
21 34 I Tony Gilham Honda Civic 5 +12 laps 1m29.535s
22 99 Jason Plato MG6 5 +12 laps 1m31.102s
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