Monaco – You Never Know

Monaco conceals the right pieces to victory road which would’ve been easy to crack on thursday but it is another failed opportunity as rain interrupted the usual procedures.

More of it expected for qualifying, gambling is the only strategy as time trickling down towards the race.

  Down at the paddock, Enstone based Lotus Team having their 500th Grand Prix with lot more potential from the E20. Mclaren drivers reckon that Lotus are the team to watch out and the threat stretches to the revived Ferrari.

Massa surprisingly reacted well on practice – feeling comfortable with his balance. Mercedes are not downplaying their chances either and the hard tussle for pole never really stops with the top 5 teams. 

Lewis Hamilton has more likely chance to sit on pole and win it from there. Grosjean reveling his racing spirits on the nearest he can get to home.

The Venezuelan victor looks calm and ready to tackle the streets – proving his pace not an one-off.

The defending world champions are quiet modest as they were last year so often before qualifying gets underway. Looking to make hat rick of victories on the principality.

Michael Schumacher bits to match Ayrton’s record for most number of wins in Monaco which might be his last chance to ever do so I’m afraid.

Young guns like Resta, Perez, Kobayashi, Hulkenberg, Vergne, Riccardo and others striding to pounce in the one-of-a-kind ultimate drivers’ circuit.

One big shunt or a hairy ride to the barriers will change the face of entire Grand Prix.

 Aggressive qualifying modes could tame Monaco on sunday. But, when the track goes damp, it is anybody’s game of upset and/or upbeat.



2 thoughts on “Monaco – You Never Know

  1. For some reason, Monaco has never been a favorite for me….I know I am in the minority, but I would rather see them on what we call “cookie cutter” tracks that Hermann Tilke designed…I realize most prefer the older tracks and some such as Monza are still very good, but in Monaco it just seems as though unless some catastrophe happens the pole winner wins…not much racing, just glamor of the track itself.

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