Schumacher – on a nightmare

The open season of 2012 has brought in some career changing events. First ever win for Nico Rosberg coming from a long awaiting, and of course, Pastor Maldonado’s triumph in only his second season running.

With success stories enjoyed by the top teams are more or less parallel – only one driver got to explore his full potential in my view who is none other than Michael Schumacher.

Let’s face it, Michael on his comeback needed to rest on the seat more to get his composure and speed back on form. Though, old Michael as we know, has been coming back to his originality at the end of last season has never been near to his best.

Despite criticisms over the car, the budget and all in the past, Michael finally has the car which can take him to the mountain top this time around.

Two fastest qualifying sessions bettering his team-mate in the season openers suggest that he is back to his pace. But, he is far from good in race than his fellow younger driver. Some unlucky turn of events too hampering his ramifications.

At the Spanish GP, statistically one of his best circuits left his critics handful as he collided with Bruno Senna into turn 1. As the experts say, it is not the kind of blunder a multiple world champion can make.

Schumacher, having bolted fresh Pirellis had the extra grip which Senna lacked. He ran into the back of the Brazilian at turn1, completely misjudging the braking zone – consequently handing him a five place grid penalty for the Monaco race.

Having had a bitter moment in Brazil last year, he blames Senna again by starkly denoting him as an idiot. Indeed, Schumacher is the one to be mistaken with. In his lengthening F1 career, he rarely stands up for his bloopers.

He enjoyed his successful years with the Bridgestone tyres which were much grippier and could take any load put on it. His claims on Pirellis shows he is unready for the tyre challenge F1 incurring this season.

On the back of his worst start to a season in his career, he often been focused as a mediocre driver in the race situations. He has the essence to be the ‘sixth’ on a race where precision is the key and to keep his critics no more way in the door steps.

It makes me wonder how long Mercedes can live up with it. It’s up to him to make or break his reputation !!!


2 thoughts on “Schumacher – on a nightmare

  1. Sadly Michael is not racing like the Champion he is. It will be such a shame to see all his records be forgotten and be replaced with his driving skills now. He never should have retired the first time. Now, with this comeback seemingly failed, he will have to return to the podium soon or he must rethink retiring. That is sad for me to say, but having seen too many drivers drive past there time to retire, I know that their achievements are soon forgotten and replaced with how bad their last years were (this was the case with many in NASCAR, such as Richard Petty and Darrell Waltrip, though some still remember their great achievements, most remember their sad attempts to race in their final year). I do not want to see that happen to Michael, but it will be inevitable if he continues to drive so poorly.

    • I agree with you but he still got an awful lot of time through the season to re-prove it.. And again Im getting more viewers from America this past week !!!

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