Spanish GP – Unprecedented & Unpredictable

Three long weeks of hiatus finally comes to a close as the normal service resumes from the world of Formula One racing in less than a day. The distasteful weekend of Bahrain GP provoked a thrilling turn of events – nonetheless there are still concerns about racing there next year.

The world champion got the maximum out of it – the unforgiving weather got its toll on tyres. Looking back at the pecking order is nothing but a disorder. Predictions of any commanding leader yet lay in the outcome of Spanish GP.

Updates like never seen in the flyaway races pile up in one spot at Barcelona. Toss-up can finally be deemed to put an end in the open circuit for the championship that is so open up. Redbull were blisteringly quick at this track but pre-season testing suggested they weren’t so. Mclaren and Mercedes can lead up the fight along with them.

Lewis Hamilton is yet to win this year despite some emphatic performance on Saturday. Kimi’s scramble towards victory isn’t far from reach either. Meanwhile, Schuey’s hit against Pirelli didn’t have any end.

Ferrari are hoping to regain their lost glory in qualifying which was a far cry thus far. Putting the past behind the present is what could upbeat Fernando fans on his home turf. Stars raising from race to race with their stellar drives at the rear view mirror.

Bernie may call the shots but he shouldn’t show antagonism against the only volumetric car maker we have. For few winning  is the only option but for some making it to Sunday is even a success on its own.

Are we going to witness a new winner again?

Spanish GP beckons on what could be an amazing weekend!!!!


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