Back to the Base – Catalunya

Catalunya circuit is the most familiarised track for any F1 team as they have early had pre-season tests twice before the season has started and it is where the cars have first run under new regulations which limited the blown diffuser.

Set-up can play a big part in defining the race as it has been well calculated already, even a slight chance of it can payback hard. It is a mix up of everything a track can offer – from fast to slow and medium corners with good flow up and down the hill and bit of a bumpy ride in sector 2; not to mention the direction changes.

It is apparently an open-circuit so wind and track temperature influences the car balance. Five fast corners with T1 being the ideal spot for overtaking as it is the longest straight in the all of the calendar. Pirelli’s tyre choice is the first of the season bringing hard and soft range of tyres together.

As the track gets abrasive over the weekend, no wonder why they have chosen it. Particularly the layout limits the front axle especially front left tyre so perfect balance can put you in the right spot.

Qualifying will be as intense as the track is less known for overtaking and keeping it right will enable a serene race, if not, it will be a dodgy, messed up, stuck-on-traffic weekend. Teams and drivers go in to the weekend on a comprehensive note that if you get it right in Barcelona it will set the European season alight.

Major updates can be seen on friday on the busy pit road as teams look to thrive hoping for a change of luck. Turn 3 and 9 are fast corners; first sector demand more aerodynamics and final sector slows up the fury down. The pecking order may well come so closer in the race.


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