Spanish Grand Prix statistics

Circuit de Catalunya hosts the annual Spanish Grand Prix of 2012. Some fascinating statistics leading up to the race are as follows:

Spanish Grand Prix took place at various venues around Spain notably Jarma, Montjuïc, Jerez and Catalunya. Catalunya is the home for F1 since 1991.

  • Most wins : Michael Schumacher (6)
  • Most consecutive wins : Michael Schmacher (2001-2004)
  • Most races won by constructor : Ferrari (11)
  • Most poles : Michael Schumacher (6)
  • Fastest Lap : 1:15.641 Giancarlo Fisichella 2005(Catalunya)
  • Schumacher’s first win for Ferrari came at this track in 1996
  • Since 1997 the driver on pole had gone on to win the race – odd one being 2011 season
  • Only driver on the grid other than Schumacher who had won here more than once was Kimi Raikkonen (2005 & 2008)
  • Among the six world champions Lewis Hamilton was the only driver never won at Spain
  • Since 1981 Mark Webber and Felipe Massa were the only two non-world champions stood on the top step of the podium
  • Two Spanish drivers have won the Spanish Grand Prix; Carlos de Salamanca in 1923 and Alonso in 2006
  •  Last victory for the immortal Gilles Villeneuve and also one of his finest as he fended off  four cars in his incompetent Ferrari
  •  Only victory for Jochen Mass in his career and Lella Lombardi became the first and only woman to score points in that tragic race of 1975
  • In 1986 at the Spanish GP (Jerez) Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell finished side by side, just 0.014sec separating  them – one of the closest finishes ever recorded in F1

2 thoughts on “Spanish Grand Prix statistics

  1. Great statistics, with Schumacher holding the most records at the track. Still, for me, it would be nice to see Alonso win his home Grand Prix. With the line up set, it appears to be another race that should prove exciting with different faces on the podium. Looking forward to seeing who wins!

  2. Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed is not working today. I tried adding it to my Google reader account and got nothing.

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