Practice session drive for the American

Alexander Rossi gets his first taste of Formula One on the race weekend at the forthcoming Spanish Grand Prix. He will work upon the task given during the first practice session for the struggling Caterham F1 Team. He stands in for Heikki Kovaleinen and also has a busy schedule this weekend driving in Renault World Series.

He raced in Formula BMW, GP2 and also competed a full GP3 season before moving on to WSR with Fortec Motorsports the following year. Arden Caterham Motorsports signed him up for 2012 season, sister team of the F1 backmakers. He took the reserve role for 2012 but never tuned up the wheel yet in practice.

Being the only American holding a super license at the big stage, it was apparent that his good show in young drivers’ programme brought him under Caterham’s recognition. It was way back when an American driver won the championship. Mario Andretti’s Lotus legacy  lives forever in F1 but sadly there was no one to keep that up for almost three decades.

BMW-Sauber noticed this young talent and gave him a drive at the young drivers’ programme in 2009 when he was a teenager. F1 going back to States this year so Rossi’s move is a welcoming one. Delighted Rossi said,

“I am looking forward to getting back into the F1 car in Spain and I want to thank the team for the chance to run in FP1 in Barcelona. I have a clear goal for the session – make sure I run to the plan set by the engineers, not make any mistakes and learn as much as I can over the whole weekend. I know how much I will be able to take from my time with the team back to my Formula Renault 3.5 commitments and I know the team will do everything they can to help me maximise my performance on Friday.″


2 thoughts on “Practice session drive for the American

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  2. It is nice that an American other then Scott Speed (who really did not prove to be a good fit for F1) in the seat of a Formula One Team, even a struggling team. The only problem I see with this is that he is known in the US as a motorcycle driver, not an auto driver. Too many times we (American’s) have gotten our hopes up on a driver that did not have the skills needed to drive in Formula One. Phil Hill proved a Champion, while Mario was more then competent, Michael (his son) was unable to get a good fit with the sport. Eddie Cheever also was not someone to expect much from. Just recently American motorcycle James “Bubba” Stewart left his contract with NASCAR Joe Gibbs Racing developmental team. I think it is very difficult to move one skill to another form of racing. As an American I do not see the need for an American in Formula One. While it would be nice, it probably would not change my favorite driver or team choice. The only positive I would see would be for the US tracks to possibly sell more tickets if an American were in the sport.

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