Testing seems less prominent

The only in-season testing of the stretched out season has drawn to a conclusion in Mugello. It is essentially a trade off between teams and FIA to conduct a test during the season – postponing one of the winter tests.

Alonso has gone fastest in day one followed by Grosjean twice in the next  two days. The times on the sheets denotes just proves nothing and counting it for judging a team is irrelevant.

Many teams have done more laps which shows their utilisation of running new components they have brought up and managing the stringent time in on-track development which is good. The circuit where it’s been done  also renders issues.

Drivers have acknowledged their desires to race at this unfettered track. It is atypical to any track in the racing calender perhaps signs of  silverstone partly. It has fast corners and flows well subjected, though, it has less track width which arises safety concerns.

But the big names in F1 believe that in-season testing is money spent needlessly. conspicuously less time in testing, logistics and workload are some reasons. Further more, the data gathered doesn’t lift the cloak of performance every time. It is up to FIA to extend the testing chances and make it propitious which has been bogged down in terms of cost cutting measures.


One thought on “Testing seems less prominent

  1. While it is costly to test, especially in the current economy, it is useful for new drivers to get a feel of the car. As for whether or not the car is improved from testing is arguable with the cost of testing. If Formula One wants to remain the top Racing Series, then it needs testing and technology. No other motorsport has the kind of technology as Formula One, which makes it so unique.

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