Ferrari at Mugello test

DAY 1: Ferrari have been looking to find some lost pace from the testing days at Mugello. Fernando Alonso took to the wheels of F2012 in the opening day. The overwhelming crowd of 15,000 in number arrived at the scenery  to witness the action and they were all over the trackside. Being the track owned by Ferrari the teams are tempted to test there with free rental cost.

Alonso’s day was scheduled for improving newly developed parts only to be disrupted by rain showers. He topped the timing days when track dried out after the downpour before lunch. He tried runs on the inters and mainly focused on understanding the Pirelli rubber.

He expressed his desire of racing on the Italian track, after all, it was only the second time he visited this beautifully bounded circuit under Tuscany hills.

DAY 2: Felipe Massa took charge the second day on the track. He often tested here when testing during the season was not prohibited in  his early Ferrari career. Bright sunshine was the day forecast but he only tested in his Bahrain Spec Ferrari. Turning vanes under noses could be seen testing and they worked mainly on the tyres, their behaviour over short and long distances and also tested the feasibility of handful of  aerodynamic components, as well as various different set-ups on the car.

DAY 3: The attention turned towards Alonso in the final day and he again gone fastest in the morning session before his shunt. It had taken them two hours to recover from the damage. He had some vital upgrades in his car, mainly revised exhaust exit, rear body work and also rear wings. They had also been reported to have moved their exhaust exits to the car’s centre – aiming to obtain tenths or two from it which was more conventional along with sidepods.

However, they say their engineers taking extra time out in Maranello to develop more update package which is due to arrive on the race weekend of Barcelona in over a week’s time.


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