Webber to Ferrari – More than just a rumour

Mark Webber, the veteran Australian driver, is the talk of the town amid speculations suggesting a possible move to Ferrari from his current team. Having a rolling contract for this season he always played stooge to Vettel.

Albeit Alonso being so consistent in scoring points and sometimes winning the races in possible conditions, in order to notch Constructors’ crown he definitely need a back up which Massa refuses to deliver.

Connections have always been there linking Hamilton, Button, Rosberg and recently Perez for a Ferrari switch over. Erstwhile, Ferrari were famous in luring drivers who often succeeded or promising talents who struggle with the middle orders.

Webber had come in to the act as he has affable relation with Fernando Alonso and also hoping to cope with the Ferrari’s main man. Massa has a dreary season so far after having managed only 45% off the points taken by Alonso last season.

At the Bahrain race, Ferrari finished seventh and ninth registering their first double finish of the season. Not enough if they have any hopes sighted on securing constructors’ title for the first time since 2008.

The elder statesman is a different breed, so determined and often forthright. Ferrari’s only option would be, if anything they desperately need to try is going for Sergio Perez.

Then again, he is too young for Ferrari to be considered. Robert Kubica’s return is often a myth. When he comes back, it is difficult to know if he can be faster around again considering the injuries he sustained last February.

Webber is willing to race only if he gets a chance in a top team for few seasons in future. The ideal choice would be Ferrari, Mercedes or Mclaren. He had recently dismissed the claims while saying he was just another Ferrari-Rumour. He also said he had contact with Ferrari.

But there are likely chances for the rumour to get real before the season falls away from the hands of Ferrari. Any driver will fantasise a Ferrari cap before their career end though.


2 thoughts on “Webber to Ferrari – More than just a rumour

  1. While on a personal note I think it is sad that Ferrari is looking to rid themselves of Massa again, I understand the reasoning. My personal feelings about Massa are not about his driving ability, but rather how after he was hurt and almost killed while driving for Ferrari they would be rid of him with no remorse. I also do not see Webber leaving a #2 seat for another #2 seat (and that is what it would be, Ferrari has made it quite clear that Alonso is their #1 driver), he has made it quite clear he wants to be a #1, but with the top teams already having the best drivers he is probably best suited to stay with Red Bull if they offer him another season. The strains of two former Champions are shown in McLaren each race it seems, one driver always looks as though they have been left out. While most drivers do want that Ferrari hat, only a few will see it and for some (Luca Badoer as an example) it is only fleeting, unless as a test driver. I still think Red Bull will get back to what it was the last 2 years and if he is willing to be #2 (which he would with all top teams) he at least stands a chance at winning….looking from a different side, the same can be said if he were to sign with Ferrari and Alonso not do well. Let us just hope he makes the right decision for himself, one that he is happy with.

  2. interesting post, but think it would be a mistake for a driver with the class of Webber to end up being number 2 to Alonso, who Ferrari would surely favour, more of a bike fan so can relate it to all the riders who fell by the wayside shadowing Rossi! Guess the truth will come eventually. Nice work lots to think about.

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