Goodwood Festival Of Speed to honour Alain Prost

The Festival Of Speed at Goodwood, an annual motoring festival enthusiasts can’t afford to oversight, will be held from June 28 to July 1.

This year the organisers have decided to esteem one of the most intelligent racing drivers in F1 history, Alain Prost. Indeed, the professor had won four titles in the era of innovations and greatness.

More than 100 never before seen pictures taken candid or deliberate of Prost will apparently explain the intention, focus and determination of the spell-bounding sport.

He is expected to recreate a bit of history by getting behind the wheel of the Renault RE30, the F1 car in which he won his first grand prix, fittingly the French Grand Prix, in 1981. He will also drive his 2012 Dacia Lodgy Andros Trophy ice racer.

Jack Heuer, the man responsible for TAG Heuer’s bond with F1 in the likes of Ferrari, Mclaren and others is also to be honoured as part of his 80th birthday celebration by launching new time pieces emulated from the famous Carrera¬†chronograph, about 3,000 in number,

In addition, TAG Heuer will also unveil its new Speed collection at Goodwood too. The TAG Heuer inherited cars will also be showcased in the event.

FOS garner the complete pack of F1 under one roof. Seven teams represented themselves last year in the historic event which also features vintage racing machines from the glory days. This event brings fans pretty close to the action to the newest racing cars available and also the historic ones.

One thought on “Goodwood Festival Of Speed to honour Alain Prost

  1. This sounds like it is going to be one of the best Goodwood Festival’s. I know some drivers that have participated in the past and they all enjoyed it, it was much more exciting then they thought it would be. The honorees are well deserving. For myself and my husband, the unveiling of the new Tag’s will be one of our favorite parts, not that we will not enjoy the racing, but we also love the watches! Vintage racing is always exciting and most drivers still have the skills from days gone by. Sounds like this is shaping up to be a great festival!

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