Sit back. Hold tight. Enjoy the ride

The thing that flows often through my mind is that, it is so daft to count on a winner in any race weekend this season. Eight drivers stood on podium which is better than the whole of the last season. Four different constructors have won four races. Many have lead the race.

Some thinks it is down to the tyres, a different ball game to exploit. Schuey couldn’t agree less unlike his counterpart Rosberg. Meanwhile, Mclaren baffles over the race pace they got – once fighting with Redbull for victory then turned down toe-to-toe with Ferrari.

Button couldn’t comprehend this, so did Lotus who were stonking past their rivals over a second  a lap in Bahrain track. An interesting fast is Mercedes engines swept top three in China and Renault did the same in Bahrain.

Potential winners enduring misfortunes, in case of Mclaren, pitstops. When it cant get better, there is another issue “Kimi is faster than you, do not hold him up” according to the FOM video insisted Grosjean to let Kimi pass by.

Like the boss himself said, “Who’s going to predict who’s going to win the next race?” Whitmarsh pondered after Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel had become the fourth different driver.

A little history lesson: No season has ever started like this in such a matter that is so unpredictable since 1983. Reel back to 29 years, Piquet, Prost, Watson and Tambay were the men to watch only Watson to have left out of title chase pretty earlier.

Teams are struggling to keep the tyres in the right operating temperature, and different cars work them better in different ambient temperatures. Circuit characteristics plays its part as Rosberg struggled in the ‘rear-limited’ Bahrain despite thriving in cool conditions at Chinese Grand Prix.

All gratitude to Pirellis playing a pivotal  role in it. So, Sit back. Hold tight. Enjoy the blistering roller coaster of a ride.


One thought on “Sit back. Hold tight. Enjoy the ride

  1. I could not agree more, sit back, hold tight and enjoy the ride! Though I have a favorite driver, the team he drives for is not necessarily my favorite, but I appreciate ALL the drivers skills and abilities to overcome any obstacle they are faced. That the season has started off so differently then the past only makes this a much more interesting season. While I would love to see my favorite driver win each week, that does not make for many exciting races. The wondering of who will finish on the podium has made this a great year for Formula One and should help the sport to gain new fans, as many who do not watch F1 use the excuse of the same driver always winning, that excuse is no longer valid. So, yes, we need to sit back and enjoy!

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