Rejuvenated Aussie

Mark Webber worth a lot of mention after the four rounds of the championship has gone in. Webber grabs hold of his car well better than his team-mate though he haven’t scraped a victory yet.

It wont be too long before he steps on the top ramp as F1 lands in Spain for the next edition.

Mark was so pleased to get the flight back to Europe from Bahrain to race in what he called “proper race tracks”. His adhesion towards “No.4” didn’t end when he was ruined off the line due to KERS problem.

He showed his regret on losing places at the start, though, feeling happy to stand third in drivers’ title race – on slot with Button.

The highly outspoken Australian feels more comfortable in his car. According to Vettel, “Webber is struggling less” which is true considering his on the trot finishes and out-pacing him thrice in four races.

A little reminder of 2010 season – arguably the best season for Webber: When F1 arrived in Europe he won back to back races on capitalizing both pole positions.

F1 will get back on level terms come Spain hopefully; the tracks that were raced so far hardly experience any racing other than F1 weekends so they evolved throughout the weekend leaving teams to baffle on strategies.

Unlike those tracks, more evenness could be seen in European circuits, this would help Webber as he was normally good at racing there.


One thought on “Rejuvenated Aussie

  1. Webber has proven his ability to win when his car was given to Sebastian Vettel after Vettel wrecked his new car and he commented “not bad for a number 2 driver” after winning. I think Red Bull is a little behind in their car this year but by the time they race in Europe they should be on par with the other teams (as is often the case with many teams who are caught off guard at the beginning of the season). I think it is sad that Red Bull only gives him a contract for one year each year, as opposed to giving him a longer contract, which would him the confidence of knowing the team is behind him. I agree that he should do well in Europe and the rest of the year!

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