Out of the Blue goes Sauber

The team with wings and the team with wingers had not really worked well together in the near past. The Super League Formula had formerly failed with this bonding, but now, there is a new one which is prominent.

The team run by the interim manager Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea FC links up with the Swiss team Sauber F1. It is yet unsure that Chelsea would through some money in the team but its boss Roman Abramovic is a regular visitor to the Monaco race.

At the Chinese Grand Prix, Chelsea branding ‘Out of the blue’ featured on Sauber F1 team cars, and ‘True Blue’ continued the tease at the Bahrain race, leaving fans guessing at what it would be.

It has been confirmed in the official Chelsea site that the teams will inscribe their respective logos in others sport. The  launch event will be at the Spanish Grand Prix but the ‘Welcome Chelsea FC’ wordings will appear in C31’s engine cover during the in-season test at Mugello.

Chelsea, the Champions league Finalists, will feature Sauber’s logo in the interview boards, advertisements, etc. The partnership is aimed at bringing the two global sports together.

While F1 is a widespread sport around the world EPL has more viewers in its own terms. Count me in too but I don’t support Chelsea though. They believe the link up will unite fans from both the sports, obviously, I was already an ardent fan of both.

The new partnership is focused on ways to enhance sporting and business performance. This includes the exchange of knowledge in sport science, launching joint commercial initiatives, merchandising, events, marketing and linked sponsorship opportunities.


One thought on “Out of the Blue goes Sauber

  1. As long as the team still has the name Sauber in it I see this as a good move. When BMW bought Sauber they kept Peter Sauber’s name in it out of respect for all he has done in Formula One, which I appreciated. Too many times new ownership or sponsors forget the roots of the sport. In these financial times most teams are having to find alternative or multiple funding, an example would be NASCAR where even the most popular drivers do not have the same sponsorship each race, but alternating sponsors from week to week and NASCAR is not as expensive of a sport as Formula One as there is not as much technology that we all love in F1. The crossover between Motorsports and Chelsea FC should bring awareness and fans to each sport. I think this might possibly end up as being a trend, where different sports join together. If it helps save our favorite form of racing, Formula One, then I think this is most definately a positive move.

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