Kimi – No more fuss about

With four different winners in four races, F1 makes us wonder what would unfold at the season’s climax. In the latest episode at the wildly abnormal Bahrain, the finger boy made his return to the top step on podium – making him the series’ leader behind Lewis Hamilton.

Let me talk on Kimi now : Bewildered by the astounding race pace, Kimi expressed his disappointment in the post-race interview after letting away the victory.

What would’ve been his 19th career win and first since returning to F1; Kimi kept his emotions in-check after driving from the back of the pack to take 2nd.

Until now, the Iceman had finished every race – scoring points. He had been a major threat when he gets everything right on his heels. This is a man who has gone pedal-to-metal against Schumacher and Alonso at their supreme times.

Unfazed of suspicious claims, he talks like a racer from the erstwhile that he races not for money but for the love of it.

He lacks no motivation though, being honest to himself and taking what’s granted. He gagged his critics from the very front of the season.

I wondered the season with Kimi behind the wheels of Ferrari in 2010 and 2011. If he hadn’t left or Ferrari chose not to buy out his hefty contract then the landscape of the last two seasons would’ve changed drastically.

Sure, the embellishment Kimi has brought to the grid this season is invaluable. His on the trot finishes put him as a serious contender for the championship.


One thought on “Kimi – No more fuss about

  1. He will most likely win by the end of the season at this rate. I was unsure of how he would do since the split with Ferrari. He make a few attempts in NASCAR and though he did not win, most drivers would gladly take his finishes, especially as he has never raced in these type cars…to many it was like a win. I thought having had time off and Renault not being the front runner he would not do as well the first season. His podium was a pleasant surprise and good for the sport.

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