Bahrain GP : About the track

Race in Shanghai left us with a big smile – a mind boggling feeling and anxiety towards the next race. All hell broken loose as the world stood by and hailed the victor – naysayers stepped down starring at their boots .

With no time to live up the memories, the stage is on set for the most debatable and highly questionable Bahrain GP. I’m not good with talking outside F1 – in reality the race is officially on and I’m poised to talk through it.

The desert country is famous for the track which is of smooth tarmac but highly abrasive resulting in enormous evolution of the surface throughout the weekend. The searing weather could hit up to track temperature ranging from 35 to 40 deg Celsius.

The track is kind of a stop-go with low speed corners stretch to long straights. Downforce adjustments along straight line is key for good Qualy pace. Rear traction and tyre wear are also some main characteristics of the circuit as it also has double left turns in the middle sector of the track.

High braking and cooling systems have to be major considerations in the scorching conditions. It’s true that the configuration has changed, but the 2010 layout was only used for that season, and will return to its previous format for this year.

DRS Zone : Lonely DRS zone beginning at 270m into the main straight. Detection point is just before the entry into the last corner.

About the Pirellis : Medium and soft compounds are carried over from the previous race and having never really tested under 2012 configuration, they feel it’s sort of starting from the down under.


One thought on “Bahrain GP : About the track

  1. If this race shapes up to be as unpredictable as the last race this will be good for the sport. I agree it would be nice to see a larger DRS zone, but we have to settle for what we get. I am glad to see you are on top of what the track will be like, circuit and tempertaure wise, etc., as many just tune into the race and are not aware of the conditions of cars and track, this will be helpful to all! Let us hope this is a safe race with the only action being on track and that we get to see diversity in teams, not the same team winners consistently, but some new faces.

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