Will Webber overcome Vettel?

In F1 beating ones own team mate is rather more sweet than beating any other opponent. Sergio Perez was the hot rod when we look back at last race. I came to notice another uprising lately – neither the expected battle of Britain, nor Alonso vanquishing his team mate but Vettel and Webber.

The domination Vettel showed on Webber last season was pretty staggering. Webber’s tyre management skills were not proven to be so good as he struggled hard on the swiftly changing Pirellis.

Looking back at the past events this year, it transpired that Mark has got a hold of his championship winning team mate. He lapped quicker times in both qualifying sessions at Melbourne and Sepang than Vettel.

Though his misery behind the wheels in race-starts continues he finished next to the podium in both races – six points clear of Vettel in the championship standings. Many say Vettel’s strategies ruined few good race spots for Webber and he was far often used to claim constructors’ championship to RBR in 2011.

But it looks like Webber making most out of pressure that holding up Vettel having to defend the crown. Are things turning over at Redbull ? Will Webber reign supreme? It is still a long tough season ahead.


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