30 years on, the legend lives on …

Salut Gilles at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve start-finish line in Canada

Champions are praised, honoured, and achieved iconic status. Gilles Villeneuve proved everything a racing driver has to – infact beyond that. Infact, he wasn’t a world champion but achieved greatness in his short F1 career. The times when he fended off the speed-pack in his inferior Ferrari. The times when people were on their toes to see him race. The times like 1979 French GP – a true masterclass driving.

Exactly a month from today marks 30 years since Gilles’ fatal crash at Zolder circuit in Belgium. He manhandled, I should say, the less downforce generating Ferraris in his five year reign. He definitely has a chariot in the panolpy of F1 greats driven for the prancing horse.

To salute his indomitable spirit, they set to bring Villeneuve and Ferrari together once more, rightly so, on the race track. Yes, Jacques Villeneuve – the former world champion will drive at Fiorano track the very date next month on commemoration to his late great father. He will take the wheels of Ferrari 312 T4  – the 1979 Constructors’ championship winning car. Gilles finished second just few points behind his team-mate Jody Scheckter which led Ferrari taking overall accolades.

Ferrari quoted saying ” His memory is still vivid and alive in the minds of many at Maranello; his talent, his speed, his bravery which bordered on recklessness, all go to make his name still hugely popular with our fans, even among younger ones who have only been able to see him on replays of his races or read about him in stories written by journalists.
We have decided to commemorate this date in a special way, bringing together the names of Ferrari and Villeneuve in their natural environment, the race track. ”

On tuesday, May 8, the event will takes place in Fiorano track at Maranello. The legend of Gilles Villeneuve lives on forever.


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