Williams aims high for 2012

Williams revealed its all new race car for the 2012 formula one season before the test day starts at Jerez. FW34 marks the legendary marque’s 35th consecutive appearance in the grand sport. They had undergone a tough season in their last outing narrowly lost-out to the mid-packers. The team which won 9 constructors title overall were placed 9th in the standings and were the 9th team to unveil its car this season.

With the main title sponsor quitting the team, Williams looks for a fresh opening. The new car is indeed a fresh start with only 5% of  parts carried over from the  predecessor. New technical line-up with Mike Coughlan heading the board, Maldonado stayed behind the wheels while the most experienced Barrichello was announced to be replaced by his fellow Brazilian Bruno Senna.

Senna’s move was a controversy, which embroiled the spectators expecting a 20th season for Barrichello. Looks like he along came Brazilian sponsors’ backed wealth to the already suffering team. F3 champion Valtteri Bottas takes the reserve role for the team.

Williams suffered from the new gearbox which was said to be most tiny in grand prix racing. Philosophy of tight rear end could be seen in the new car. Nonetheless, pairing with Renault could be the major step forward. Williams and Renault enjoyed 9 years together from 1989 which was the successful and tragical era for the Grove based team.

The revitalised squad features a newly revised livery with full-black on the rear. The rear of the car looks tidy as always and the sidepods are shorter while the newly instated rules resulted in stepped nose which hides behind the black livery.

Pastor Maldonado believes in a season of competence who had a dreadful debut to his F1 career.
“I’m happy to be racing again with Williams. I have faith in the FW34 and the Renault engine and so have high hopes for the races ahead. It will be very important that we develop the car from the start of the season to the end.”

Bruno Senna will finally drive in a team which has proven to the millions that they are a true competitors in the past. He is expecting to have a strong season ahead.
“I’m very excited to be back in action with the Williams F1 Team in Jerez. This is my ever first pre-season testing programme since I started in Formula One two years ago. I’m really motivated and looking forward to working hard and with everyone in the team.”

Valtteri Bottas is delighted about his practice session drives and believes that it would help develop his learning curve in F1.
“I am really excited about the year ahead and grateful to the team for giving me this opportunity. I will be driving one practice session at 15 races which will give me some proper mileage with the car. ”

Senna name is finally back on Williams. Will it be a no nonsense season? Melbourne answers it on march 18.


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