Dallara unveils new F3 2012 chassis

Italian manufacturer Dallara revealed its 2012 Formula 3 car, the new chassis dubbed as F312. Cost-cutting is the key part of  technical regulations in any form of motorsports. Dallara said that their new car will cost as much as same to the present 2011 car. The major change in the technical regulation deals with clean body shape similar to Formula one cars.

This reg will help drivers to tuck-in behind the leading car more comfortably and can have more slip stream out of it. Overtaking has been a vital factor and this reg will reduce turbulent airflow between the drivers, helpful for more overtaking opportunities.

This would compromise the downforce because no more barge boards, flick-ups and bodyworks around different volumes of the car. Dallara are trying hard to recover the lost 16% downforce due to this regulation. The 2012 car will look more or less similar to Formula one car with higher monocoque and lower nose section.

Dallara spent around 800 hours of wind tunnel testing to work on the new car to recover the lost downforce. They stripped away the restricted bits and pieces from the current car and started their work on it to see the effect. The 2012 season looks set to be a monopoly with only Dallara involved. There was talks that involved Mygale as a potential rival to Dallara but it seems unlikely now. Dome and Lola are showing interest for 2013.

The gearbox should be a Hewland made one which is a homologated regulation for 2012. The front dampers and springs are stuffed inside the tub instead of placing on top of it. There were also efforts to stiffen the rear suspension of the car to make the car comfortable in corners which experience around 3.5G in corners. The first F312 will be delivered to the customers as early as December.


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